Welcome to your Lesson 5 homework online module.

There will be 2 sets of dialogues you need to interpret. When you press play, the dialogue will start, when you hear the “ding” you need to pause the dialogue and give yourself time to interpret the other language. Repeat this process until both dialogues are finished.

It is recommended you play the dialogue using a separate device other then your mobile (such as a laptop) so you can record the dialogue AND your interpreting using the Voice Memo app on your mobile. Once you have completed your homework, please send your recording on Skype for feedback.

IMPORTANT: When submitting the weekly homework PLEASE DO NOT PRE READ or PRE LISTEN to the materials, DO NOT USE DICTIONARY TO LOOK UP THE “HICCUP” WORDS. 

Cô cần thấy não các e phản xạ bao nhanh với những từ, ngữ lạ tai đó. Lúc mới tập luyện Nếu thấy đoạn thâu âm dài quá thì các e có thể ngắt đoạn, không cần đợi tới khi nghe tiếng chuông. Nếu còn có vấn đề nào khác trong khi luyện tập nữa thì nhớ liên hệ cô nhe.

The purpose of this weekly homework is for you to improve and progress throughout the course. We believe in flaws and mistakes so that we can learn from it and better ourselves so please be honest with us but more importantly be honest with YOURSELF.